Awful Lighting - Help Needed


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Hi! :D

I'm working in a scenario where I've been filming the installation of seat covers in multiple different vehicles, either outdoors or in a shop. Either way, there's bright, harsh light from directly above, whether that's sunlight or the LED lights of the shop. This means that areas outside the vehicle are very brightly lit, but the shadows inside are extreme. :cautious: We have a couple of LED lights on stands to try to help, but I don't like the outcome of our videos.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve our atrocious lighting issues, it's very much appreciated.

Lighting.PNGimageedit_4_6882147747.pngimage (2).png


Hello! I don't know what kind of framing you are going for but maybe you can add some blocking or diffusion to the outside, expose your camera to the outside light and light the inside according to that. If the light coming into the car is harsh as well and you cannot change location, you'll have to do the same and find a way to add some diffussion to the sun light. I hope this helps!