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Attention: Students & Teachers, Schools & Universities - NEW Summer Shorts Video Contest Call for Entries

Our NEW Summer Shorts Film & Video Contest call for entries is accepting film/video submissions now through September 2017. One of the many things that makes this video competition so unique is that there are 3 Categories of Prizes. Both students and professionals can enter! And 40 filmmakers have the opportunity to win awards.

The 3 Categories are:

I. Junior High and High School
II. College
III. Professional

So, 3 Top Winners will be selected in each category. 40 Filmmakers will be selected to win awards. You can be one of the 40 winning filmmakers.

It's FREE to enter when you post about it on your Facebook or Twitter. Here's the contest link if you haven't yet signed up:

Also, here's info on the prizes/awards:

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