Aspiring Producer wanting to move countries


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Hi there,

I'm Vicki. And I'm currently studying a BA degree in Film and Video.

At the start of next semester I will be specialising in two areas of film. My main goal is that I want to be a Producer. Unfortunately, my course doesn't offer that, so my thought's are specialising in Directing for one, and Editing for the other.

I've always had a soft spot for editing, but since working on sets on the course, I love being apart of the live action. I never thought i'd enjoy working in post, but have edited most projects that we have had in the last 2 semesters so would like to experience more of it.

I live in Wales, in the UK, but my dream is to move to LA once the course is through.

So if anyone has any tips on moving countries or just simply where to start when i'm there, then I would be very grateful. :)

Cheers :)


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If you're wanting to move to L.A., then go with Editing. Everybody in Los Angeles is a writer, director, producer or actor -- even though they're actually waiters/bartenders/bouncers/messengers.

If you want to get work, focus on editing. You may not always be working on fun, top-notch projects but you'll at least get a few, be able to put together a professional reel, and have more opportunities to work with top-name directors and producers. Also, a lot of editors have gone on to complete their own movies, television shows, music videos, or national commercials because the directors and producers that liked them as editors gave them a chance at directing. So, go with editing if you have a choice between the two. It'll give you an actual skill-set and employment as a craftsperson or technician. If you try to be a writer/director/producer that has not been produced, just remember that there are a lot of people in that category moving to Los Angeles, New York and Chicago each year. It's better to have training in a technical craft.

Anyway, that's my two-cents.


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Thank you for the advice! Editing has always been a strong point that i'd like to explore more, I have one more year to decide, next semester (starting in October) I will be specialising in two areas, so I'm pretty sure one of them will be editing. I might even give it a go at cinematography. Then i'll have two technical skills.

Anyways, I will think it over. Thank you for your reply.:)