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= Aspiring Filmmakers Sought =

Prograde Trax, the new Japanese indie label that I am signed to, would like to make a music video for each of the 11 songs on my album, "Peace on Earth" which they just released. We ourselves are going to make a video for "Ransacked" (track 7) but we are looking for 10 aspiring film makers to make music videos for the other songs. There is no real budget available for this endeavour BUT your name will be put in the title of the video as the director, and we already have guarantees of airtime on TV stations in America, Canada and Japan, and we are working to get more stations/countries on board. We are close to getting Germany. You can preview the songs here. ->

You will be given complete artistic freedom and I can send you green screen footage of myself from Tokyo, should you want it.

Contact Laurier Tiernan for further details.

Best, Laurier Tiernan
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