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Just an ongoing reminder to the readers that many of the authors featured in our magazine are available to answer your technical questions. For those of you who do not know me, I am Fred Ginsburg CAS PhD. I am an Emmy winning location sound mixer, semi-retired these days, with over 30 years field experience in all genres of film production, including feature films, episodic television, national TV commercials, corporate/government, and ENG/reality/documentary. I am currently an Adjunct Professor at a major university, am an active member of the distinguished Cinema Audio Society, and have authored textbooks, instruction manuals, and too many articles to count. I instruct on behalf of Audio Technica USA during NAB each year; as well as teach numerous professional workshops. Feel free to ask questions about miking, lavalier rigging, multi-track recording, etc. I am NOT in sales, and am dealer/supplier neutral -- so rest assured that any advice is not tied to personal monetary gain.
NOT use an iPhone! The terms "professional" and iPhone are opposite: do one or the other. To get professional audio, you should use a separate digital recorder and a very good microphone (or, better yet, a recorder with a small mixer and multiple microphones). For picture, even an inexpensive prosumer camcorder (which actually cost far less than the latest phones) will give you excellent HD results. With a good BeachTek adapter box, you could even run professional XLR mics directly to your video.

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