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I'm finding that the most difficult task I'm frequently confronted by is the task of finding capable minds to collaborate with. My question is whether it's important to always be looking for artistic minds or to not. I also think that it might be a performance of indulgence on my part to even think that I should be looking for people. I was thinking that maybe it takes away from the whole concept of being an artist, that being the sacrifice and the misunderstanding. Well any thoughts?

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work with people

work with people

I say that you need to work with the best people you can. i think there are other things that go hand in hand with good work that are more in the lines with making a good soup and being creative is only one aspect of what is needed.

So, I am not sure that you should scour the earth looking for those you feel are creative and artistic. Maybe it will be better if it is more like keeping a black book of those you meet along your path that you would like to work with and when you get a chance to work with them make it happen.

And, what I mean by "... making a good soup" is, I do believe that there is a solid truth in "good chemistry". I believe that when you put the right people together you get the great movies. I think creative greats who respect each others talents and fuel the desires and fires of creative excellence within each other will achieve the best works. So, i do believe you want to find these people to work with on your projects but I don't think you will always have a choice and you need to learn to navigate even when working with horidly rigid dogmatic individuals that don't see the light.



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The key is if you are a strong creative force to be reckoned with, surround yourself with a few right brains, but a lot of left brains. If you are strong on the administrative stuff and the technical stuff, surround yourself with a few left brains and a lot of right brainers.

Manuel Marino

Why just don't search for skilled whole-brained people?


skilled whole brain ppl...

skilled whole brain ppl...

skilled whole brain ppl don't really exist...only kidding...but the fact of the matter is that if you find ppl that are absolutely fantastic in one thing...and then get a lot of ppl like that who specialize, the project will be greater than the sum of it's parts...

also, i think there can be a danger in hanging with a lot of creative ppl when everyone has their own opinion of how something should be if everyone's a director...

Once you find awesome ppl to work with chemistry-wise and talent-wise, stick with them! that's why speilberg always works with same group of DPs and John Williams for music...and Scorsese (sp?) works with same editor all the time! :D

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