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Are you a visual storyteller? When you're developing and creating your characters, stories, and worlds, have you considered these 3 categories:

1) Love of Art
2) Love of the Land
3) Love of Adventure

Here's a quick glance at a a super interesting article written by Pamela Jaye Smith & Monty Hayes McMillan.

I've included the link to the article below, so that you can read more!

Love of Art, of the Land, and of Adventure

Visual media requires thoughtfulness, talent, and skill to make effective use of all the innovative as well as traditional gear available to today’s filmmakers. Here we’ll explore three of the categories: Love of Art, of the Land, and of Adventure. From Paniflex cameras to iPhones, from jib arms to drones, from prime lenses to panoramic cameras, you can make your storytelling more effective by utilizing some of these visual approaches.

Here's the link to the article:


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Pamela has a few solid points that I haven't thought of before entirely. The visual approaches of those three categories sure made me reconsider what I knew about movie making.

Maura B.

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Love the poster! The two authors have a very logical approach and the synergy between the love of art, land and adventure can result in successful projects :)