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Hey All,

If you happen to be looking for a manager, I recently interviewed two of them for my podcast and at the end of their respective interviews, both managers mentioned they would be happy to read queries and questions from Scripts & Scribes listeners. They’re both legit managers with current sales and have clients at all the big agencies and have offered to take your queries and questions.

Here’s the info:

The first is Trevor Engelson of Underground Films. We just released this one today.

If you’d like to listen to his podcast interview, you can check it out here.

At the end, Trevor says to mention the Scripts & Scribes podcast in your query or question and he’ll take a look. He gives out his email address, but if you didn’t catch it, it’s

I didn’t put the actual email here, so the spambots don’t scoop it up, but you should be able to figure it out. If you can’t, PM me.

The other is Jesse Silver of Mindframe Films.

Jesse’s email is Again, replace the beginning with his first name. He said on the podcast to email him any queries and/or questions you may have.

NOTE TO WRITERS: These managers have graciously offered up their email addresses and said they would look at queries/pitches from our listeners. This does not mean they will respond to all of them. Just a heads up. They might not respond at all… but at least they will be actively looking at your queries (like a pitch fest, but free!).


HI MODS: All these managers openly gave out their email addresses, so hopefully this isn’t breaking any protocol. I know this might be a little spammy too, since I'm not around the forums as much, but I thought this could be genuinely useful to writers looking for representation. Thanks!!
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