Are these good shotgun mics for a short film?


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I have heard that Rode mics are suppose to be decent budget shotgun mics. I am shooting a short film soon with a Sony HC1 and need a decent shotgun mic under the price of $300 for a shoot that involves dialogue in interior/exteriors. Would one of these do?
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Bob Kessler

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The Rode NTG-2 is a good mic for the price.

Don't forget that you will also need a shock mount, a boom pole, wind protection, cables and headphones. You can save a few buck by making your own boom pole. Instructions for making your own boompole can be found here:

A shotgun is not always the best mic choice for interiors. Because of the way they capture sound you often get that "hollow", "roomy" sound.

You may want to check out my blog on production sound here:

Good luck!