Arabic actors needed for Dark Organs film - starting this month


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Hi everyone, my names Billy and I'm trying to make this Dark Organs film - Logline -

In 2011, a retiree surgeon drags along his ex - medical student to war torn syria to cash in on the illegal organ trade. When trust decays with their crime boss, the walls start closing in and the only option to get out of the game becomes clearer.

It's a little like breaking bad with a new spin.

We're looking for Arabic actors around Northamptonshire or who can travel to Northamptonshire.

-If you're 40-60 year old arabic man, who can play an evil crime boss, Faisal. please try and contact me, I promise it will be worth it.

-if you're a arabic woman, old enough to be a mother that would help alot too.

-Any three arabic men to play three Syrian friends getting drunk outside in the setting of bombed houses

Please, please let me know if you're interested.


It's a paid gig, not by alot because it's not because it's a very low budget film but we will try to take this to film festivals and to pitch it on netflix or wherever we can.

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I wish you good luck in finding the right actors ! I would love to see a trailer once the movie is done :D