Anyone like writing scripts?


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I have an idea that I need developed into a script, is anyone willing to write or help write a script for my idea. Here it is. Let me know

Group of high school kids just graduated and want to start renting a house and they are afraid of moving go to look for a house and find one. they rent the house. renter acts weird. walks around house at night constantly there doing things. kids start disappearing. one person is like "where is such and such?". call cops cops dont have evidence. they suspect the renter is the killer. teenager plants things of people that were killed in the owners possession. ski mask while planting. friends notice items on owner. three kids left. more die then the renter dies and in the end they find out that one of the kids is the killer.

What do ya think? How can I make it stronger as a whole?


Meh, it seems like your typical horror film with no real twist.
I'd try a different plot.


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With this sample, you're asking how to make it stronger. Picking at the pieces, it looks like (for now) it's gotta be horror, it's gotta involve teen characters, with a killer, and 'is so-and-so the killer?' storyline. With lots of screaming, vanishing, and blood. Twists can be added later; you're asking what do we think of the idea...

One might ask, how could a group of teens just up look for a house, get a house, and then rent the house? And when the group suspects that one of the people in the house might have done something harmful, how could they go about their merry way (half-heartedly getting the cops involved - or half-heartedly trying to get themselves out of this terrifying situation) as more people start to disappear and get killed by the killer. Also, what would make them sort of stuck in this house in this terrifying situation. Why don't they just open the door and leave?

Of course, a lot of teen horror stories don't make sense - but why go that route?

Have you ever watched/enjoyed horror movies involving teen characters getting killed one by one, with the mystery of who-done-it. If so, what were the names of the movies? (Let's discuss!)


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Re: Anyone like writing scripts?


Personally, I love it! There are a lot of things that will need to be worked out, but I really think that this is a great idea. Some things to think about are these,

#1 Why is the owner all ways at the house? (There should be some reason why the owner is there, even if it is very insignificant. Just so the audience feels that there is a remote possibilites that the renter is, and isn't the killer.)

#2 Why do the cops not get very involved? (Maybe each teen has something about them, something in their past or something in their nature that sorta "just happens" to be used by the cops as grounds that nothing really happend to them when they turn up dead or missing. Does that make any sense, or do I need to expand on that?)

#3 Why would one of the teens plant things in the owners possession, unless that teen was the killer? (Maybe for another twist, have a teen who isn't the killer, but is all most certain that the owner is plant the items to try to hurry and end the whole thing before something else happens.)

#4 Why does the owner get killed? (For this, perhaps the owner just happens to stumble across the killer. Though from the audiences view, they still are unable to see the killer's face, body, hear their voice, et. and the owner is killed.)

Hope that this helps. And I strongly urge you to keep on this! Could be a winner!