Any great filmmaking courses/summer schools in Europe? Or on internet?


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Hello guys,

I'm self taught filmmaker in Europe and recently I got interested in attending some filmmaking course or film school (one month programm or something like that).
The problem for me personally is... these events are not always well propagated so its little harder to find them even on the internet so I wanted to ask on filmmaking forums some of filmmakin' fellas if you dont know by any chance about some event here in Europe that really is worth every penny that it may cost.

I dont really have any specific need of what event I'm looking for... If its about filmmaking and filmmakers getting together its enought for me.
I just need some list of these events and than I will of course look for more information.

Thank you so much.

PS: If you know also about some great ONLINE filmmaking course I would be interested in those too...


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Hello, and welcome to the forums! To help you in your search for film schools, film classes, and film industry events, good starting points are these 3 places:

1) Search/browse and read news bytes posted in the Schools Section Online:

2) Search/browse and read events posted in the Events Section Online:

3) I've chatted with and interviewed film students in and outside the U.S. and in Europe who are a part of the Filmmakers Network, ( This network is a great resource for you.

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Hi Qbentinko,

Welcome to the forums! Would you maybe be interested in coming to the USA for a few weeks for workshops? For example if we held workshops in NYC?
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International Film Schools / Film Schools Outside the U.S.

International Film Schools / Film Schools Outside the U.S.

Here are recent posts in the FILM SCHOOLS section of These are film schools outside of the U.S.

LUCA School of Arts

Sydney Film School: Meet the Filmmaker

Grad and Student Filmmakers Work at the Toronto Film School at RCC Institute of Technology


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film schools in the u.s. - new york and california film schools

film schools in the u.s. - new york and california film schools

Recent posts in the Schools Section are film schools in the U.S.

Francis Ford Coppola Brings "Distant Vision" to Life at UCLA TFT

School NewsIthaca College – Film, Photography, and Visual Arts (B.F.A.)