Animators in the UK please READ


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NOTE: This thread is aimed at illustrators and animators based in the UK.

Have you ever worked on an animated series before?



I'm part of a team of people working on a new animated series aimed for release on the web.

The show is about three little boys. Somehow a business is involved; for some odd reason so are a hooker, some penis pills, the rights of animals, and historical rewrites involving Nazis and termites.

It has THAT kind of humour, aimed at THAT kind of crowd.

We are looking for animators who believe they've made Flash their bitch (people who can animate QUIIICK using flash).

We're looking for illustrators who know their way around a storyboard.

We're looking for background illustrators.

Finally, we're looking for character designers who can recreate what is put in front of them to the minutest detail (from the gleam on a ripe apple to the veins on a donkey's bulbous balls. EHAW!).

If you're reading this going "Donkey balls? No worries, mate!" and "My pimp hand is STROOOONG where my Adobe Flash bitch is concerned!"...?

Then we want you.

Email me, Lade, at

In the email:

1. state what you'd do (i.e "Hi, I'd be a great animator/storyboard artist/backgrond illustrator/character designer for your show").

2. attach some work (or links to work).

3. put your location in there somewhere (London, Luton, etc).

And I will get back to you. IMMEDIATELY. WITH more details about the show (and maybe even the show's bible and a teaser trailer).

And try not to be too skeptical.

I met my head background illustrator and animator this very same way.

Additional Info:

* The creator of this post also happens to be said show's creator, writer and primary voice artist.

* Said head illustrator and animator were found on GUMTREE - yeah, that site with the flats!

* There are a total of six people in the team so far.

Now let's DO THIS.


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All interested talent, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Episodes of the show are 5 mins in length and I am looking for 10 (TEN) animators to handle 30 seconds of footage each.

The animation required here is of the Aqua Teen/Life and Times of Tim variety, so things like cutaways to other characters will be employed strategically to lighten the load of animating dialogue and movement.

It's the kind of show where minimalist animation is key joke-wise.

The email is in the post. Animators in the UK only.