Amazing Animation Opportunity!

Hello all you animators out there,

My name is Nathan Wilkes. I am 14 years old and live in England. I am currently making an animated feature film and I am in need of an animator. Firstly may I say that just because I am 14 doesn't mean I can't make a good film. I have already contacted ODEON cinemas of which they liked my idea for the story however they thought the animation wasn't good enough for cinema quality. This is why I am now coming to you.

Unfortunately I might not be able to pay you as I am only 14 however I have got £300 for this film which I may use for you. I would also offer everything I can to help you including a letter of recommendation .etc. This isn't some kid trying to make a small movie. I am extremely passionate about film and hope to have lots of success with this film. Ryan Ochao may be starring in it.

Nathan Wilkes
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