Amateur video contests


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I'm currently running two video contests, and we're looking for submissions from amateur and pro filmmakers. The videos should be under a minute in length, preferably around 30 - 45 seconds, and are of a 'viral' nature - so the idea is that they spread around by themselves because they're catchy, funny, sexy, whatever.

The first one is promoting wind energy with the theme "Wind Blows":
The prize is $10,000 for the top video. We're only accepting 7 more so get yours in quick.

The second one is promoting organic grocery delivery with the theme "Play Safe - Eat Organic".
This is open to residents of Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary, Canada, as the prize is $1000 in groceries delivered to your door, and those are the cities SPUD operates in.

We'd love to see some creative entries. You can e-mail me for more info at