Alien Rocker - musical 3d animation


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I greet studentfilmmaker comunity and those who happen to bypass this thread. My name is Intars Kocesevs, 23 years old and I would like to introduce and share here 3d animation I had finished.

Alien Rocker is a musical 3d animation taking place in remote fictional region of Universe where Alien Rocker and mysterious Plankman fills the air with a sounds and noise of space heavy metal until Universe cracks and collapses.

It is result of two years work during which I had to overcome numerous challenges, distractions, sudden laziness attacks with one goal in mind - get this thing done. From the very beginning it was planned as personal project with a goal to challenge myself and train skills in 3d. Main source of inspiration came from American metal band "Monster Magnet" and their musical video "Negasonic Teenage Warhead" which one's space themed style in conjunction with my passion towards astronomy heavily influenced me in creating this work way it is created. Now when it's done I am glad to share it on internet.
Now have a seat and get ready to jump into further regions of unknown Universe! Let compelling Alien Rocker and mysterious Plankman to take you to away for a moment into other world of imagined Universe



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