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"Showcases the same magical whimsy as a Danny Elfman definitely sets the creepy mood.
"Rue Morgue (November 2010)"

“Prelude to a Nightmare: Carpe Noctem is a musical journey that takes you to the dark depths of halloween, horror and the unknown. It goes beyond a gothic cd and exceeds in becoming a character with personality all its’ own” ~Jonathan (Owner/Host of Rotting Flesh Radio)~"Rotting Flesh Radio

My Name is S. Michael Karan, a member of ASCAP. I am a young composer of Dark Genre. Mostly Horror and Suspense. Although I'm always up for a challenge!

I am a Sound Designer and Composer for Haunted Attractions and I'm looking to work into TV and Film. I work for most notably ScareHouse, in Pittsburgh, I've also done private work for other haunts including sound effects and ambient soundscapes.

My Debut Album "Carpe Noctem" was released last August to great reviews from Rue Morgue and Rotting Flesh Radio.

My Ambient Sounds Scare Tactics are designed to accompany and enrich a scene or setting.

My Music can be heard at and

If you want something unique and easy to work with, please feel free to contact for pricing.

The Album is also available for purchased here!

Share the Fear!

S. Michael Karan
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