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So I am filming a SciFi short film called "Bandwidth Creek"on the 15th and I'm having one issue. There is a female playing two characters and I still can't figure out how to fool the audience with this.

For instance, she's playing the mom of the main male character in his flashback. The same woman is also playing his room mate whom he is having conflict with. Both characters are important so I can't cut either out. Since the mom in the flashback does not have any lines (just flashback visuals) I thought about just shooting behind her or with her hair over her face. We thought about a wig and sunglasses but come on lol.

Attached are some stills of the woman I exported from the rehearsal (playing roommate). Anybody have any ideas?
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I think make up and lighting can help a lot with this. Glasses instead of sun glasses and why not a wig? A dark wig, maybe more make up on mom and glasses could help a lot. Different lighting than what you use on her for the rest of the movie. Different camera angles. Different wardrobe.