Advice om short film idea?


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I am making a 5 min short film, and this is an idea i had:

- Guy in a red shirt a green cap is driving along at night
- Another guy in a similar red shirt and green cap with a white duffle bag is hitch-hiking
- Man in car picks up hitchiker
- Man driving car turns on radio
- Menwhile hithicker notices duffle bag in back of car
- Radio: "Theirs a killer on the loose that is wearing a red shirt and green cap and a white duffle bag... ectt..."
- Men in car freak out, audience dont know which one is killer
- After moments of struggle, driver gets distracted and hits someone with his car
- they both freak out and get out car quickly
- the person they hit is a girl in a red shirt green cap and with a white duffle bag with a body in it

WAT DO U THINK, please give me advice

Kim Welch

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I want to see this as a motion picture

I want to see this as a motion picture

please get the green light and when it is done upload it here so we can watch it.

Bob Kessler

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There are millions of great ideas out there. It all comes down to execution.

Preproduce the hell out of it; a "moving vehicle" project has many unique problems.

Good luck!


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Like the other reply mentioned, its all about your execution of a particular film or video production.

Based on what you described, my perception is that it will be a suspense/thriller film. However, that is up to you. It could also work well as a horror and maybe even a comedy depending on how you want it to play out. I would definitely watch it though.

Nice concept!
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