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Hi. This is Ramakanth from India. Sincerely I need your valuable suggestion and help to choose the right path in my career in film industry in US. Let me give some brief about my experience.

I worked 7 years as an assistant director for 4 films in India. During the project some of my responsibilities were:

 Research for required data from various sources;
 Responsible for preparing and distributing the daily paperwork, call sheets, production reports;
 Oversaw that the cast and crew is in the right place at the right time;
 Maintained the schedule for each shooting day;
 Selected positions and directs movement of the extras;
 As a script supervisor, maintained an accurate shooting script and recording in detail all information related to each take, scene and take number and printable takes, as well as any notations on dialogue, action, props, set dressing, wardrobe, make-up, and hair in order to provide continuity during shooting and to facilitate editing;
 Supervised the looping work and sound effects.
In terms of equipment, I worked with ARRI 435, track & trolley, 40 feet crane, Jib crane & steady cam.
If you talk about Indian film making, it’s completely commercial. Mostly routine stories or copied, no standards in making (no story board, unplanned shot division etc…a long list) and with 1-3 professional film schools.

I never participated in story discussions. But I have little idea about screenwriting and I wrote a story.

I decided to learn and work at the professional platform. How should I start? Film school? Then which course? Or PA?

Could you please guide me the best way to become a good film maker in US?
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