Adventures in Dreamland- New Children's Cartoon Series


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Hello! My name is Jessica and I’m here to introduce you to a brand new children’s cartoon series: Adventures in Dreamland! The pilot episode, The Sour Case of the Candy Crops, is available to watch for FREE at, so prepare yourself for an incredible adventure!

The journey into Dreamland begins with a diverse group of young neighborhood kids who live on Maple Court, children whose daily issues, conflicts and situations are transported into Dreamland when the fall asleep; where, with the help of the Dream Dragon and all of his friends, set off to resolve their dilemma, no matter how big or small.

Together the entire cast uses important elements, such as teamwork, love, compassion, and even a bit of dream magic, to surmount any problems in their way and, of course, to help protect the kids from the negative influence of the King of Nightmares and his army of Shadow Warriors.

Each episode aims to teach valuable lessons, which will, in turn, aid in helping young children learn important life lessons. Every episode is special and unique, serving to promote education, empowerment and entertainment, while also providing inspiration and comfort.

The Dream Dragon wants kids to become empowered, finding confidence and self-worth, so they can better understand and fit into their surroundings. That is why the Dream Dragon is the ideal role model and source of inspiration for children!

In addition to specific lessons of empowerment, the cartoon also focuses on developing complex concepts, like using common sense, deductive reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving skills. This new cartoon is what both parents and children have been waiting for; enjoyable and entertaining programming, with vivid images, lovable characters and important lessons to help in many aspects of childhood development.

You’re invited to join the Dream Dragon and his friends as they embark on their journey of fun learning and empowering messages! Remember the Dream Dragon motto: There’s a dreamer in all of us - Dare To Dream!

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Hello Jessica! Welcome to our community! :D

I have looked on the website and I saw the episode from the cartoon. It is well made and it has all the elements it needs to become quite popular among the little ones. The focus behind the cartoon is very educational and I am honestly happy that you focused on developing these skills.

I am looking forward to see episodes from your cartoon! :D And I truly hope you will get all the funding that you need in order to do this.
Dear, this is such a lovely project that you have presented us here. I would love to share the adventures of the Dream Dragon with my niece. :) I am confident she will be quite a fan.