adding colour to 16mm film


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Hi there,

I'm shooting a 16mm film. It will be black and white with the exception of some red flowers. Does it make sense for me to shoot in color, then go to black and white in post with the exception of the flowers, or shoot in black and white and add color in post? How would I do this and what could it cost?

Are you staying in video?

You could either rotoscope around the flowers in a b&w image and paint them digitally, or you could shoot in color and isolate the flowers with a chroma key and turn the rest of the image to b&w, which may be better.

If so, it would make things easier if the flowers were the only thing in the frame of that color. Bright red might work if there is nothing else red in the frame, or painting the flowers chroma key blue may work if there is no blue in the frame.

A telecine with a DaVinci that has the option to pull chroma keys would allow you to do the effect in the original transfer; otherwise, use chroma key software in post.