Adding color to section of black and white video


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Hi guys

Hope that some skilled persons out there can help me here:

Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, I'm having a 15 secs long black/white videofile, which I would like to add some color to, but only one little section of the picture. The rest of the file is to stay in b/w.

Any suggestions or guidelines to how this can be done in either Premiere Pro or an other videoediting application?
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Apple's Color or Motion, with it's custom Matte and tracking features. But, that's on a Mac, not a PC. Perhaps After Effects on the PC.


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You will have a smoother transition between the color and the b&w if you go into After Effects. Create an adjustment layer, and mask around the area that you want to color, and keyframe it to the shape that you want through the time that you want. Use the mask to create a b&w adjustment, and a negative mask to keep the color you originally shot in the area you want to keep.


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+1 for an amimated mask in AE. You can also key in colors in Premiere by making track 1 B&W and using keys on track 2 with the same video clip.