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Here's a forum convo topic! Are you an actor - or director looking for actors for your projects? Students and neophytes, have you ever considered historical re-enactors or projects that involve working with historical re-enactors? Check out this article!

Medieval. Crusader. Viking. Caribbean Pirate. Colonial/Revolutionary War. Civil War. Wild West. Victorian. Steampunk. Great War. WW2. Shooting a period piece can be expensive and beyond the budget of most small-scale filmmakers. Sure, you can wardrobe up a couple of actors. And, maybe, come up with a neutral location that could pass for anywhere, anytime. But if you want to “wow” your audience, it would be nice to have a bunch of costumed players and period encampments in the background!

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What a lovely topic! I always admired those who managed to recreate a historical time, because there is a lot of hard work to do that. :)