Actors/Actresses Needed in the Philadelphia Area



I will begin shooting a drama sometime in early March and will need several actors and actresses to fill the cast. All parts are non-paying, most of the work will be done on the weekends and after business hours so it would probably be best if you lived in the area. This will be the third movie for my small independent film company and my first drama.

The film is entitled Picket Fences (at least that is the working title as of right now). The basic synopsis follows a big time Hollywood producer who is forced to go back to his roots in a small suburban town when he learns his father, who he hasnt spoken to in nearly 20 years, is dying. Though he manged to keep somewhat of a relationship with his brother his sister hates him for leaving home, feeling he abandoned his family.

The story becomes more complicated when a spark re-ignites between the main charcter and his old love interest.

Basically the story is about life, family and relationships.