Actor for future films, commercials, music videos, etc.etc.



I am new to this blog and forum thing, so I'll just ramble on for alittle while. I first found this site while doing research for a short film I was auditioning for and found the producer had directed a flim on here called "Legend of Stow Lake" by Colin Day, Just gotta say colin is a great guy. Anyways I am an actor looking for as much advise, knowledge, and jobs as possible. I am currently between San Francicso and L.A. and travel to both for parts. It gets expensive working for student films but is great experience. Since my first part in a film called Idioms directed by Richard Enriquez and produced by Colin Day, I have been in three films, one as the lead, and two supporting roles. Just tring to fill my tool box and working in something I love to do. I guess thats enough for now ramble ramble ramble, oh yeah by the way if you wish you can view my new website at and if you have any parts that you might think I fit, drop me a line.
Peace and happy holidays to all,
Samuel E. Mason SR.