A short experimental piece


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what are your influences for this film?

Also here's a good question, what are you trying to do with the film, what is it's purpose. Without any artist statement its really hard to gauge what you're trying to do. Can we have any background on the why and how you trying to achieve your goal in this film. That will help on giving you crits and comments.

Besides that all I can say, I see the use of rack focuses between foreground and background objects, it seems to be a reoccurring theme in your film. I'm not to sure about the music, it might pull away from being an experimental film towards music video. Which might not be a good thing if you want to keep it experimental. Maybe composing an eclectic sound that reflects your use of rack focuses would be cool. It really all depends on what you want to say with the film that will determined what it will look like and sound like in the end.

Well GL, post updates! when you got em for more comments!


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In My Back Garden

In My Back Garden

Overall, it is a nice job. Some good videography, interesting angles, nice composition. Editing to the music had some very nice spots. I am not sure I would categorize it as an experimental piece…maybe it is between experimental and a music video. Being a bit old fashioned myself, I wish you had more of a story to tell. With the creative talent you obviously have, I would have liked to have seen it channeled more toward a video with a beginning, middle, and end (not experimental, in other words). Again, what you have accomplished in a short period of time is very impressive! Keep at it. JimT

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not been on in a while due to net problems

cheers for the comments. To answer a couple of points it was partly a uni thing of "you need to show us you can operate a camera" and i then thought it would look better as a sort of piece to music rather than just a load of shots.

I also do a lot of music videos so thats probably why it ended up looking more like a music video just because its what i do and what i enjoy.

on my youtube page there is now a live two camera shoot on there and soon to be more hopefully

cheers though guys much apreciated