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Mr Taylor

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Good morning from the far side of the planet.
It’s a cloudy Saturday morning here and as usual I have an hour or so before my meeting.
So I thought I would try and inject some life into this forum with an observation about a film related topic.
AI came to mind.
What an oddity, a film started by the great Kubrick and finished by the great Spielberg.
Originally a short story called “Super toys last all summer long”.
I had such high hopes for this film when I saw the trailer but was disappointed , and I’m not sure by who.
I liked the overall look of the film, but hated the feel of it.
It was sweet, too sweet, sickly sweet.
What was Kubrick thinking by putting a toy bear and a gigolo into the same film?
I suspect that Steven’s respect for Stanley prevented him from editing out the overly sentimental setups that wrecked the final product.
I always feel cheated when a potentially great film is ruined by a director being self indulgent.
Do you get the feeling that the last part of the movie was actually the ending that 2001 would have had if CG technology was available when Kubrick was at his prime?

Kim Welch

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this movie had good ideas that didn't make it

this movie had good ideas that didn't make it

i was also expecting so much more from the movie. it had to much fairytale or was over thought or something. the basic story was good but it just didn't tell well.