A Few Short Screenplays looking for a good home

Alex Whitmer

New member
Rain Dogs 13 pages - Revenge never sleeps.

Bulldog Girl 6 pages - How to procure a really nice car, and a few other things.

As I Remember Her 6 pages - A city gardner is the unwitting caretaker of the dead.

Angry Monkeys 6 pages - A police Detective comes to terms with shooting a child in a care accident.

Whore 9 pages - We do what we need to do.

Wisdom of Leaves 6 pages - A young girl teaches her Grandfather about wisdom.

When Mary Comes Marching Home 6 pages - (this one is pretty harsh) A woman soldier suffers violent, post-traumatic stress after being freed from captivity.

Honeysuckle 14 pages - Erotic vampires. There is a perfect job for everyone. You just need to live long enough to find it.

No Free Lunch. No dialogue in this short 'crime drama/action' about a new city program to clean up the streets.