A Few Questions on Anamorphic Lens Adapters


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Hey all, film n00b over here. I'm looking into buying some Rokinon Cine lenses for my Blackmagic Production 4K.

In addition I would like to make my footage anamorphic and I've come across a number of solutions. I'm looking into getting a Proskar 16mm 2x adapter or a Schneider Cinelux 2X with a focus module. My only concern is compatibility with the lenses I want. I'm not so sure how compatibility works in terms of the diameter of the adapter. Is there an upper bound to the diameter of the taking lens that I can use with these anamorphic adapters?

I have a video shoot coming in the next couple of months and I was planning on renting some Xeen cine lenses and I'm wondering if I could still use the anamorphic adapter with those lenses. They tend to have a much larger diameter.

Also, regarding the size of the image, I've seen numerous demonstrations on YouTube of 2X lenses and my only concern is the height of the image. Some of these demos have these gigantic black bars that take up most of the space on the screen, but others don't. If one were to watch something like La La Land on a computer screen, the image would be just the right height even though they also used Cinemascope for their movie. How can I increase the height of my image with a 2x anamorphic adapter? Are they zooming into the picture to gain more height and cropping some of the sides or is this more about the camera’s crop factor? For instance the production camera has a crop factor of 1.7x while the Ursa has a 1.8x crop factor. Would I get a closer result to what I want with an URSA mini as opposed to the production camera? I’m adding some demos of what I'm talking about below:

Image quality is great, but the video has little height and the black bars take up most of the space on the screen:

This one seems to have even bigger black bars

Anamorphic demo with the URSA mini (This is a lot like the picture size I’m looking for):

Now if watch something like la la land one sees that the image is much larger and while the black bars are still big, they're not a enormous as the ones with the previous demos

Appreciate the help, thanks!