'60 Seconds Max' short film contest £250 prize open for submissions


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Leamington Underground Cinema presents a brand new (very) short film competition. At the end of June 2015 we will award the first ever LUC 60 SECONDS MAX trophy and a prize of £250 to the best film submitted with a running time of one minute or less.

We want films of any genre in any style and by any filmmaker. Submissions are open until the 13th June, it costs £2 ($3) to submit a film and you can enter as many times as you like.

The ten best films submitted by 13th June will be screened at an event in Leamington Spa on Saturday 27th June - the winner as chosen by our elite panel of film experts will walk off with a unique trophy and £250 (which is about $370 at the time of writing)

The top ten will also be screened during the third Leamington Underground Cinema festival which runs from 7th-14th November 2015.

More info at: leamingtonundergroundcinema.wordpress.com/60-seconds-max/

Submit at: filmfreeway.com/festival/LeamingtonUndergroundCinemaFestival

You can also find us on facebook:

or twitter: @LeamuCinema
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