500 days of Summer. A chick flick for boys .

Mr Taylor

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500 days of Summer is a funny film.
Very funny.

You can tell from the very first second, that you are going to be watching a comedy of a very different kind.

As the disclaimer rides across the screen, you know that you are going to get the chance to watch an actual, intense (but funny) love affair.
This is not an ideal of love affair, instead it’s a real one, like the ones you go through when you are young.

The type of affair that you never really figure out until your are much older and are able to look back.

So the film tells the story in just that way, a snippet at a time, each event delivered out of order.

This unique delivery style, accompanied by stellar performances by the actors and a clever story, makes this a film well worth a watch.
I recommend it.

I hope they make a sequel, from the female point of view, called maybe 200 days of Tommy.

Why only 200?...(think about it).

PS: Who knows why Summer is so upset by the Film the "Graduate"?
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