3d animation software


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Both of them are very good. Maya mainly used in movies.
I prefer 3d max for low poly modelling and character animation.


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Autodesk Maya, also known simply as Maya, is a software dedicated to the development of 3D graphics, special effects and animation. It arose from the evolution of Power Animator and the merger of Alias and Wavefront, two Canadian companies dedicated to computer graphics. Later Silicon Graphics, now SGI, the software giant, absorbed Alias-Wavefront, which eventually was absorbed by Autodesk.

Maya is characterized by its power and possibilities of expansion and customization of its interface and tools'. MEL (Maya Embedded Language) is the code that forms the core of Maya, and thanks to which you can create scripts and customize the package.

The program has several tools for 3d modeling, 3d animation, render, clothing and hair simulation, dynamic, fluid simulation, etc.