24p vs 29.97 project settings for film

laura android

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This is my first post on this site and I am in desperate need of assistance. I had the college Avid tech set my project up and I'm afraid it was done wrong. I am 20 minutes into the cut and noticed a jittery motion blur effect on the images, especially the moving ones. At first I thought it was just the 28:1 ratio that I captured at and that it would be remedied by uprezing the files to 1:1. However the problem still remains. I was told it could be a cadence problem but after changing the cadence letter and batch-capturing the problem was still evident.

I shot on S16mm and telecined to Digi-beta at 29.97fps. We had high hopes of perhaps going back to film so we set up the Avid symphony project to 24p:16mm. We did not import the flex files which I think was a big mistake. The images are pulling down on the wrong frame or something and it looks horrible.

So, my question is: Is there anyway to salvage the existing sequence I have created within this project. Can I create a new project with 29.97 and batch import the sequence. I am trying to avoid re-cutting 2 weeks worth of work so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU...