2012 cycle one -Reel Authors 6 monthly script contests!

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Reel Authors currently offers two screenplay contests, cycles run every six months:

*International Break Out Screenplay Contest http://reelauthors.com/ -For all genres, both TV and Film scripts are accepted

*Pulsar Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest http://www.scifiscreenplaycontest.com/index.php -Exclusively for Sci-Fi Film and TV scripts

Reel Authors offers a 200 point industry orientated scorecard complete with an analysis of approx. 400-600 words so writers know exactly where they stand and have full assurance that the readers have read their scripts to its entirety.

Our FAQ page is here: http://reelauthors.com/FAQ.php all our standard regulations are consistent throughout all our contests and our contests run every 6 months so you will never have to play the waiting game for a year for results. If you opt for feedback/analysis and scorecard, you will receive them within a month (30 days).

Contest entry is $25.

Contest entry with analysis and scorecard is $45.

We're also newly on Facebook! 'Like' our Pulsar Sci-Fi Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pulsarscifiscreenplaycontest or our Reel Authors Screenplay Contests Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Reel-Authors-Screenplay-Contests/309704425723247 and you'll automatically go in the draw to win FREE CONTEST ENTRY AND ANALYSIS/SCORECARD!
-We draw a winner every month so stay tuned to us on Facebook!

*International Break Out Screenplay Contest http://reelauthors.com/

*Pulsar Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest http://www.scifiscreenplaycontest.com/index.php