2011 Editor's Choice Award For Outstanding Screenplays

Frances Beckham

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This is Frances Beckham. I am giving out awards to scripts edited and / or critiqued in 2012. The 2011 Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Screenplays is a special award and recognition for the best screenplays edited during the year of 2011. The scripts eligible for this annual award were edited only by me and my editor(s) . Winning scripts receive an award letter declaring achievement. The award can be used by writers in letters when querying producers and agents. This can be a valuable asset to writers with no credentials but have created very good scripts . If it shows in the query the script won an award or competition, attention would be given to the query.

There is a lot of good material out there that should have a chance. I think giving this award can be a stepping stone.

Two winners are Trigger Street Labs members:
(I was not authorized to give actual name) for the script: GEORGE’S SISTER MAGGIE

Cedrick E. Wilson for the script: WE DON’T DIE

One winner is from Student Film Maker:
Rye Michaels for the script: SOAPY SUNDAY

Good Luck to the 2011 winners.

Scripts edited by editor(s) this year will be eligible for 2012 awards.

Visit my site at http://pcsqlserviceblog.blogspot.com To read the complete list of winners.

Best Wishes,
Frances Beckham