15 year-old film composers looking to collaborate with young filmmakers


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Hello, our names are Sean and Patrick and we are 15 year-old twins. We are very serious about film composing and are looking for film students to collaborate with. We have a full music studio and use Logic Pro and the Hans Zimmer Professional pack by Spitfire.

I am about to turn 16 and attend Marin School the Arts. I take private trumpet and violin lessons and play in my school band and orchestra. I also study film composing with a private teacher. Here is an example of some of my work (
). I enjoy writing for dramatic movies. I'm still learning to write comedy music, but I could give it a try. My music is in the style of Hans Zimmer and Howard Shore.

Hello, this is Sean, I too am about to turn 16. I take lessons on the violin and for movie composing. I too created a short demo of my work (
). I enjoy writing dramatic music for exciting or sad scenes. I'm still learning comedy and playful styles, but I'm confident that I could put something good together. My composing style is inspired by Hans Zimmer, Michal Giacchino, and John Williams.

We are hardworking and eager to collaborate on a project with a student our age. Please keep us in mind if you would like to add some original music to your film!

Thank you,

Patrick and Sean

Maura B.

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Hello Sean and Patrick! Welcome to our community!
Each of you has a different style. You are extremely talented and you must have worked really hard until now. I have listened to your samples, they sound great! I am looking forward to see more from you two in the future! :D


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You've listed some mighty fine composer's to be inspired by~ I would also check out James Horner & Jerry Goldsmith. Different side(s) of the same coin, but worked in the same time period as Williams and Zimmer. Definitely some gems to be found.