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$10,000 Dialogue Earth: Tell a Science Story – Ocean Acidification Video Project on Tongal.com

Tongal and Dialogue Earth: Tell a Science Story – Ocean Acidification Video Project

Dialogue Earth is in the business of impacting dialogue on timely issues by delivering great content that big, diverse audiences will trust. To get this done, they’re building a team of experts in science communication, social media, and content creation.

OCEAN ACIDIFICATION is a topic that scientists are increasingly concerned about. A recent study by a group at Yale suggests that only 25% of Americans have ever heard of the issue—let alone understand it. And, while it is ultimately connected to global warming (a related consequence of emissions of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas), it is not currently a hugely polarized or politicized issue like global warming.

Dialogue Earth's objective is to obtain impactful and creative 90-second videos focused on the subject of ocean acidification. Their specific goal for this campaign is to communicate this relevant science topic in a way that is engaging to wide-ranging audiences. They’re confident that this will lead to a more active and productive dialogue and, ultimately, informed decision making.

If you wish to participate in the Story phase of this project, submissions are due by November 5th at 2 PM PST. Stories need to be 500 characters or less, come up with a creative and engaging story to help explain ocean acidification. This is not a detailed script, but a synopsis of the basic plot points the video should follow.

The video phase of this project will go live November 9th. Select one of the 5 winning Stories and make a 90-second Video based upon it. You can, but do not have to literally interpret every element of the Story. For more details about this project please visit: http://tongal.com/project/Dialogue

Specs: $10,000 prize pool, 90 second video, 13+ years old, deadline: December 1st, 2010

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