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    19th AAWIC Webisodes Film Festival Challenge

    Contest Details In this industry, women make up only 19 percent of directors, producers, and writers. For minority women, the percentage is even less. The imbalance is deeply rooted, and though it has been acknowledged and studied for years, there has been virtually no improvement. If the...
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    Bun In The Oven (Comedy Web Series) - Episode 5

    Check out episode 5 of Bun in the Oven, where the duo go on a trip to the cinema. Enjoy a few japes, and some fake film trailers! :D
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    FirstRun.tv adds Science Fiction channel, new series, & new episodes

    FirstRun.tv (www.FirstRun.tv) just added a Science Fiction channel, new series, and new episodes. Check out "Alpha Planet", "In The Rough", "Almost Scary" and "The CYA" at www.FirstRun.tv Many more new great web series coming from independent producers and filmmakers. Comedy, Sports, Drama...