Paid streaming solution alternatives

    Hey there! Could anybody please suggest an easy embedible paid streaming solution? Something like, but not A few points about what I'm looking for and what not: 1. Something around 70/30 split or better. The higher percentage to the filmmaker of course. 2...
  2. yenlyng

    The 5-Min Video Challenge - US$30K Grand Prize (AU, ID, PH, SG, TH, TZ)

    Any of you in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand or Tanzania? If you are, join The 5-Min Video Challenge now! Simply submit an original video, not more than 5 minutes, with the theme of 'Connecting Lives'. The video can be in any form (i.e. documentary, animation, live...
  3. D

    Music Composer.

    Music production for Media Projects.
  4. joshak_96

    Looking for specific sound effect/music for a video. I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE

    Hey buddies, I am new to this forum, I signed up because I need some help and it looks I made the right choice- I hope so :p :p I'm working on video for a school project. At the end one of the actors ask a question which is actually the same as the slogan of our graduation so it's a very...
  5. yenlyng

    Inspire someone with your video

    A new community site, Inspire ME, has been launched by It allows anyone from anywhere in the world to share their original video works. The idea is simple - share a video on, either by uploading the clip or submitting a YouTube link and...
  6. T

    A review of the Ursa Mini 4k

    Here's my review of the Ursa Mini. IMO, it creates an incredible image but has some troublesome flaws.
  7. DPmusic

    Music for Videos.

    Hi everyone! If you are looking for some great, beautiful and strong music for your creative and exclusive projects i'd like to share my music with you. See my web in signature below. All the best and good luck!
  8. K

    4th video of my DIY serial All Slovakia Villages Videos - Kalinkovo

    Hi Guys, i would like to share 4th video from my DIY serial All Slovakia Villages Videos. Music & edit by kostistlac. Enjoy and leave a comment if you like it.
  9. L

    I Need Panasonic P2 Cards

    Hi. I'm new here and it looks like I can finally post something, so guess I'll introduce myself ... and also a need. I live in New Orleans, and I'm a free lance videographer/photojournalist. I just got myself a Panasonic AG-HVX200AP video camera. It's a pro model designed for Electronic News...
  10. M

    First Promo Video for our new thesis / tv show!

    Hey everyone! My name is Matt and I'm a producer on a brand new thesis film! It's a 4 episode comedy and it will go into production at the end of January! We just launched an indiegogo campaign with our first promo video for the show!!! Please take a look and like it so we get more views...
  11. G

    Like True Story Alien Encounters? Check out This Free YouTube Video about a Rural Ken

    Like True Story Alien Encounters? Check out This Free YouTube Video about a Rural Kentucky Family Who Engaged in a Gun Battle with UFOs in 1955* Hello everyone :D If you are Interested in the paranormal, then you need to see this free movie about a UFO vs. farmers gun battle! Imagine what it...
  12. L

    Shoot a video about traveling and win flight tickets! :)

    Hello guys, I'm writing this to invite you all to participate in a great film/traveling project based on crowdsourcing philosophy. What to do to participate? Check if your city is on our list, shoot a short video about this city, no matter if you live there or just visit it. Just make sure...
  13. William

    Dark Green Books Short Film and Video Competition 2013

    Announcing the Dark Green Books Short Film and Video Competition 2013 Calling all film makers – amateur, professional, aspiring or established – anywhere in the world! Create a powerful and popular short film or video based on the works of Luke Andreski* and win… First Prize $700 plus seven...
  14. X

    Dr. Pepper Tuition Throw Video - I Want To Be a Filmmaker

    Here's a video I put together for the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway I'd like to get everyone's help in the competition if they don't mind. All you have to do is go this link HERE and vote for me. I would really appreciate the help!
  15. William

    A search for talent: the $1000 Short Film and Video Competition

    I am delighted to announce The Dark Green Books Short Film and Video Competition 2012... Create a powerful and popular Youtube video based on the works of Luke Andreski and win… First Prize $700 plus seven free downloads from Second Prize $200 plus three free...
  16. J

    Cyber-Seniors Corner Video Contest

    Know an inspirational, funny, or quirky senior citizen (hint, hint, your parents or grandparents)? Cyber-Seniors is running a video contest that challenges young people and senior citizens to and create a short video featuring the senior's skills, stories, advice, or special talents! The video...
  17. T

    Who looking for video editors?

    Hello! I am Anatoli Kostov. I am from Bulgaria. I think the distance is no problem. I am editor. I use Adobe Premiere CS5. I can edit music video, documentary, short films and other. Who looking for video editors may write to me on e-mail: or skype: anatoli_kostov1248...
  18. Steve

    Bluezone releases 'Lightning Blue' sample pack

    Lightning Blue by Bluezone features a new inspiring collection of textured and atmospheric ambient samples. This sample pack includes mysterious textures, spacious ambiences, expansive drones, ethereal soundscapes, dramatic impacts, long FXs and transitions that are very useful for use in film...
  19. N

    MyCube Video Contest

    Social Media has become part of our daily lives. Your day feels incomplete when you are not able to go online to tweet or check your Facebook. We want to introduce you to a brand new social media network centered on content sharing. MyCube is networking with people who have similar interests. It...
  20. C

    1 week left for the AmazonWireless Video Contest!

    We're down to one more week for the AmazonWireless Video Competition! Amazon has teamed up with to bring you this contest that is coming to a close soon. Your mission is to create a 60 second video about the benefits of using AmazonWireless. Videos are encouraged to be humorous and...