1. M

    Youtube Video Competition with a total prize of 10,000 USD

    Video editors of all levels are welcome to participate in the Youtube Video Competition Remitano Lightning League organized by cryptocurrency exchange Remitano to: Show your editing skills Promote your products on Youtube Grasp the chance to become Brand Ambassadors of Remitano with a 1-year...


    Independent Electric/Electronic Dance Music and HipHop/Rap Magazine Created By Entrepreneur Andrew Ezell (BigDru) Wash to Represent The Colorado Springs Mountain West Region. Accepting International Markets, National, and Regional Assignments from Musicians, Comedians, and Filmmakers.
  3. Protocosm

    The City of My Heart. Neon Lights - 4K Timelapse

    Shot from 2014 to 2017 on Sony A6300 / A7s / A77v / and few scenes on BMPC 4K / Panasonic GH5 Moon shot on Sony A6300 + Russian MTO 1000mm f8 and Sony 30mm for stars background.
  4. videosjust9

    3D Animation Video "eLearning Video"

    Hi everyone, my 3d animation video "eLearning Video " is on youtube. I hope you like it. You can watch it here: Let me know what you think? Best Regards! :)
  5. videosjust9

    Video Production & Filmmaking

    Hi All, I am from and have an experience of 10 years inducing fun vibes with a perfect audio-visual combination through our creation of videos. Let me know if you guys need anything related to film & video making. it will be my pleasure to help and guide you in this industry with...
  6. A

    Student Intern Needed for Videography Project (North County, San Diego)

    Working on a fitness/yoga/health related project and need a student intern for some film/editing work. Internship has potential to turn into a paid position. Can be used for school project, internship project, etc. Please email Serious applicants only. Must have own...
  7. bayramjazz

    New Age music

    The Morning Moon - album My Seasons 2015
  8. bayramjazz

    Soulful lounge tune - Nice Morning by Artur Bayramgalin.

    NICE MORNING We- that is Karmaloft Music - got some beautiful music dropping! Alongside a highly capable and beatifully versatile team Artur Bayramgalin presents his EP „All day long“. Smooth beats, jazzy and slightly funked arrangements, buzzy bass notes (Alexander Kartashov - bass) carefully...
  9. bayramjazz

    Chillout, relaxing tune - "Daydreamer"

    "Daydreamer" gives us time for some reverie with charming keyboard resonance. Album Information: Title: "Perfect Day" 2014. Artist: Artur Bayramgalin Genre: Electronica, ethnic lounge, chillout, new age, world music, easy listening, relax. This album kindly blends together chillout sounds...
  10. bayramjazz

    Single 2017 / Pilgrim / Artur Bayramgalin

    Welcome to the mystical place where Celtic meets Chill! Atmospheric and Mysterious yet peaceful and sorrow filled that evolves in emotional depth. Fiddle lead Celtic adventure of discovery and empowerment.
  11. 2minutesvfx

    Natron Node Based Compositing Essential Video

    Natron is the node based open Compositing Software. I have created some video for the Beginners just have a look and comment if you like my videos.
  12. bayramjazz

    Perfect Day by Artur Bayramgalin

    Perfect Day captures the children's laughter and crystal-clear piano sounds of a warm summer day. Comparing his music to the likes of Richard Clayderman, Dan Siegel or David Lanz is allowed with consideration for the specific differences. Subscribe the channel!
  13. S

    Is working on kids content that different from adult content?

    I just made my first kids cartoon. My first two years of film school I did what most other kids were doing and made self-exploratory work that tried to tackle problems I was facing in my daily life that I thought other kids would like or relate to. While working on this project I did a ton of...
  14. A

    Creative Video Production Company

    Please suggest me some good production houses in Bangalore.
  15. endzone

    Looking for Creative Video Entrants - 2 -$500 College Scholarships Law Firm has announced two $500 college scholarships. They aim to provide financial aid to two college students by encouraging students to explore the role personal injury and civil justice plays in making our society safer. believes that the ability to redress...
  16. endzone

    2- $500 Scholarships for Students - Entrance by Creative Video Law Firm has announced two $500 college scholarships. They aim to provide financial aid to two college students by encouraging students to explore the role personal injury and civil justice plays in making our society safer. believes that the ability to redress...
  17. A

    Looking to score a unique student project!

    Hello! I am looking to work on a student or indie production. It can be a short or feature. I am excited to experment with new hybrid sounds. Heres a link to my site: Feel free to contact me at
  18. TheArtist

    Great new music library site **Discount Code Provided**

    I just wanted to post this new site that provides great priced, high quality music, with a business model designed to support composers and musicians across the world. They also provide a pre-cleared license to keep videos from being flagged on YouTube and other streaming platforms. Use...
  19. S

    Time Lapse with music | Awesome

    My first time lapse video ever, I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks :)
  20. SpasticRecords

    Indie record label in Sweden looking for music video makers!

    Hey students! I am the President of Spastic Records. I live in Sweden. You probably don't. I think we're equal anyway! It said educational resource up top so I promise, this is an educational post because I am going to educate you on how little I know about what you do. That's why I need you...