video editing

  1. CreateMusic

    New interesting music software

    To all creators, video editors and creative minds! We kindly ask for your attention to introduce you to our new web service, which can represent a truly great improvement in your daily video and music editing workflow. We are thrilled to introduce CreateMusic to you. Our web-based software...
  2. jodymichelle

    New GenArts Free Trial for Award-Winning Sapphire Edge

    Announcing New GenArts Free Trial Offer for Their Award-Winning "Sapphire Edge" for Filmmakers, Videographers, and Digital Storytellers.<br><br><strong>Remember you heard it from first!</strong> GenArts is offering a <strong><a...
  3. jodymichelle

    NEW Sapphire Edge VFX Reviews and FREE Trial Software

    <strong>You heard it from first :: </strong><br><br>GenArts is giving filmmakers, editors, and videographers a NEW Sapphire Edge <em> <strong>FREE</strong></em> trial offer. Apply high quality VFX in less time. View details at:<br><br><a...
  4. Kim Welch

    Apple - Final Cut Studio 2 Video Editing Tutorials

    Apple - Final Cut Studio 2 Video Editing Tutorials The link below has very clear easy to use totorials for Final Cut Video Editing Software. Very neat stuff with clear examples of click and draging clilps and positioning including 3D, compositing and more...