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    Vietnam Memorial Student Video Contest-- Win a Trip to DC

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund's Memorial Day Video Contest How did the Vietnam War change our country? The United States changed in many ways as a result of the upheaval of the Vietnam War; ask those who lived through this period and they will share stories of a time when many fought for the...
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    Veterans Film Festival 2016: Call for Entries

    The Festival is calling for feature-length and short films submissions whether they be: drama, documentary, music videos, animation, horror, sci-fi, comedy, experimental and those rare films that beautifully blend genres together or inventing something brand new like virtual reality. The...
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    New Festival launched: UK International Veterans Film Festival 2016

    The annual UK International Veterans’ Film Festival is dedicated to raising awareness about our serving and ex serving Armed Forces community, their families and the influences and impact war has on our society Arguably, film is still the most powerful medium to create stories and put ideas out...