1. jodymichelle

    2020 Student Academy Award Finalist, Elisa Maria Nadal, on “Prisoners of the Body”

    Here's the trailer for “Prisoners of the Body” Check out our interview with the filmmaker, Elisa Maria Nadal -
  2. jodymichelle

    2020 Student Academy Award Finalist, Rodrigo Chapoy, on Animation Short Film, "Bear With Me"

    "Bear With Me" is a sweet story by Rodrigo Chapoy. Here's the animated short film if you'd like to watch it. Check out our interview with Rodrigo Chapoy. -
  3. N

    Filmmakers Thesis! "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope."

    Surveys, the Bane of my existence. To all filmmakers!! I need your opinion, I'm currently completing a BA, and am in need of responses for my survey. It takes less than five minutes and will be much appreciated. Your opinion matters! If you too are in need of respondents I will gladly help...
  4. M

    Indiegogo campaign!!!

    Hey everyone! My name is Matt and I'm a producer on a brand new thesis film! It's a 4 episode comedy and it will go into production at the end of January! If you could take a look at our indiegogo campaign that'd be amazing! I'd love some feed back and positive publicity about the show...
  5. N

    Palm County - Chapman University Thesis

    Here is a link to my thesis film that I directed at Chapman University. It's a 17 minute action flick entitled "Palm County." Hope you enjoy!
  6. S

    Los Angeles Prison Location

    I'm planning on filming my thesis project in late March, early April, and am looking to find a prison with an execution chamber and preferably a dark hopeless feel. If anyone has used one or knows of one in the greater L.A. area I would greatly appreciate help. Thank you. -Wes