1. SuperDaddyTV

    Batman Space Adventure

    A funny Batman parody cartoon done with claymation and a bit of CGI. Batman plans to head into space but once again Robin ends up being Batman's guinea pig!
  2. S

    Superhero Short Film Fest accepting all genres!

    Superhero Short Film Fest Earlybird Deadline February 12, 2016 Standard Fee: $5 USD Student Fee: $4 USD Click below to enter: Superhero Short Film Fest features a live screening of the top five superhero/fantasy films, followed...
  3. SuperDaddyTV

    Captain America VS Batman

    My cartoon with two clay Batman and Captain America getting into a bit of a scuffle over territory and neglecting to save the day. So sit back relax and have a laugh! We used our GS-500 for pictures and put it together in Adobe Premiere CS5 with sound editing done in Audacity.
  4. J

    Airborne: It Takes More than Powers

    High school dork Clay Rudolph isn't prepared to be super when he discovers his extraordinary powers. It takes encouragement from his best friend Gary and the hopes of winning his crush away from Gary's bully cousin to make Clay soar to his full potential. <object...