story ideas

  1. Tema Staig


    MAR 28 | Via Zoom Call - all are invited! INTRO TO THE SHORT SCREENPLAY is a class designed to present an overview of the basic elements that make a short screenplay work in terms of structure, character, arcs, plotting, pacing and outlining. Formatting and guidelines for creating a producible...
  2. F

    Plot for my script

    Actually, instead of posting a short plot. I'll basically tell you what happens xD A teenager (Violet) ends up drug dealing after a man (Damien) gives her the job. She needs the money because her mother is in debt. Soon she falls for him. He soon learns Violet's mother hates her because her...
  3. oscarknott

    Advice om short film idea?

    I am making a 5 min short film, and this is an idea i had: - Guy in a red shirt a green cap is driving along at night - Another guy in a similar red shirt and green cap with a white duffle bag is hitch-hiking - Man in car picks up hitchiker - Man driving car turns on radio - Menwhile...