1. CreateMusic

    New interesting music software

    To all creators, video editors and creative minds! We kindly ask for your attention to introduce you to our new web service, which can represent a truly great improvement in your daily video and music editing workflow. We are thrilled to introduce CreateMusic to you. Our web-based software...
  2. M

    Have a moment to check our preproduction tool? (alpha version)

    First of all hello everyone. I'm posting this in general discussion as I feel it best fits here, but if there is a section that this would better fit to, please move this topic there. My name is Borys and I'm not directly connected with movie production but I've been doing TV production before...
  3. R

    Film Software and Technologies

    Hey everyone, My name is Rob, and I'm new to StudentFilmmakers. I'm currently in my Senior year of Film School, and working on a project to use technology, and computer Software to make filmmakers lives easier. Thinking about software like Movie Magic, and Final Draft, Final Cut Pro, and...