1. SketchWork

    A Silly Happy Holiday Video Message from SWTV

    Hi Student Filmmaker fans, If you have a spare 17 seconds please have a watch of our silly merry Christmas Video and we do wish you all a very happy holiday. Please also support us by *subscribing to our show* and joining the show Facebook page...
  2. SketchWork

    SketchWork TV CH1 "E8: Halloween Special - Visions"

    Hi guys, Welcome to the SketchWork TV (SketchWorks) Halloween Special. Toby was only 22 when his life was taken prematurely in a surfing accident. Gemma, Julia and Dean are preparing for a fun Halloween night, but Toby has other chilling plans for them. I hope you enjoy episode 8 on...
  3. SketchWork

    SketchWork TV CH1 "E6: The Break In"

    Hi guys, This week’s episode sees the launch of SketchWork TV (SketchWorks) Channel Two! The SketchWork TV archive is about to be attacked by a masked robber - can the infamous duo keep hold of their secrets or will the robber make them accessible to the whole planet. I hope you enjoy episode...
  4. SketchWork

    SketchWork TV "E5: TERMINATED"

    Hi guys, This weeks SketchWork TV (SketchWorks) episode pays homage to "The Terminator" and is entitled "Terminated". This story follows two circus workers who are suddenly plunged into a world where they are hunted by a mechanical being from the future. I hope you enjoy episode 5...
  5. SketchWork

    SketchWork TV "E3: SUPER HERO TRIAL"

    Hi guys, This is the third episode of our visual effect show "SketchWork TV". This episode involved adding some special super hero effects as well as quite a bit of rotoscoping. So enjoy this episode of SketchWork TV: "E3: Super Hero Trial" where we follow a 'not so bright guy' on his super...