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  1. boomtownfest

    CALL FOR ENTRIES - Boomtown Film & Music Festival 2018

    For eleven years, film and music lovers have come together in Southeast Texas at the Boomtown Film & Music Festival to hear cutting-edge bands, see fiercely independent films, enjoy panel discussions and meet fellow filmmakers. Whether your passion be movies or music, there will be something for...
  2. S

    Animated short

    I made this short and I would love suggestions on how to improve it? Are there any competitions for newbies on the East Coast it might be good for?
  3. S

    Is working on kids content that different from adult content?

    I just made my first kids cartoon. My first two years of film school I did what most other kids were doing and made self-exploratory work that tried to tackle problems I was facing in my daily life that I thought other kids would like or relate to. While working on this project I did a ton of...
  4. P

    New Best Film Awards for the 2017 Edinburgh Short Film Festival

    New Awards for Best Film & Best Animated Film for the 2017 Edinburgh Short Film Festival. In association with Puppet Animation Scotland & The Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund, the Edinburgh Short Film Festival is offering cash prizes and industry mentoring to the film-maker who wins the Best...
  5. cstein15

    Iced - My Latest Comedic Short

    Hey Everyone, Just put out my second little short, and am looking for feedback on it. If you liked it and want to see more please throw it a like and subscribe to my channel, but no pressure. Thanks, Cam
  6. A

    Reel Louisiana Video Contest

    Contest Details Louisiana is a state so rich in cultural heritage, so replete with distinguished circumstance, we’re able to use #OnlyLouisiana as our official tourism hashtag. Sure, we claim the tallest capitol building (450 feet!) and the longest continuous bridge over water (Lake...
  7. A

    Virginia Is For Film Lovers

    Contest Details Almost 50 years ago, the iconic tourism slogan “Virginia is for Lovers” was born. An attempt at several versions was made, each pointing to different facets of the Commonwealth: lovers of history, beaches, and mountains. There’s so much to love about Virginia, it simply became...
  8. E

    Interview with Seamus Mulligan Ferry - Independant Cinematographer

    Cinematography aids in connecting an audience with a story - with proper camera manipulation and unique composition, a story's meaning can change. This weeks "EXPOSED" film, Pronouns, highlights cinematographer Seam Mulligan Ferry's crafty camera work, what it was like collaborating with a...
  9. P

    Edinburgh Short Film Festival's Partners DC Shorts: Entry Discounts!

    We’re delighted to reveal that we have finalised the details on a new festival partnership with the USA’s largest dedicated short film festival on the US East coast, DC Shorts based in Washington! The partnership begins during our 2018 editions and will see the ESFF prepare a programme of some...
  10. A

    Looking to score a unique student project!

    Hello! I am looking to work on a student or indie production. It can be a short or feature. I am excited to experment with new hybrid sounds. Heres a link to my site: Feel free to contact me at
  11. S

    Time Lapse with music | Awesome

    My first time lapse video ever, I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks :)
  12. kapalutas

    Film Composer at your service

    Hi, My name is Justinas and I am a music composer, singer/songwriter from Lithuania. I have been composing music for 9 years, mostly for theatrical performances and some short films, no I decided that I would like to work with people from all over the world and test myself as a Film composer...
  13. M

    Composer Looking for Experience

    Hey guys, My name is Matt and I'm new to this forum. I go to school for music composition and I'm trying to get some experience scoring short films, or really anything. I'd work for free of course and I'm not picky about the projects. If you or anyone you know are looking for a quality...
  14. P

    Edinburgh Short Film Festival Submissions Now Open for 2017

    Screening the best in International contemporary short cinema at venues across the Scottish capital in Autumn. The best films will be included in our programmes for other festivals across the UK & Internationally. This year, we're excited to be programming films for our 2017 partners...
  15. D

    Kickstarter for Nunca Jamás - short film!

    Hi guys! I'm currently in pre-production for my senior thesis at Pratt Institute, a short film called Nunca Jamás that is to be shot on location in Costa Rica. Check out our campaign - appreciate any help, be it donations or just spreading the word...
  16. B

    [short film] THE VIEW 2016

    You never know who's watching you...
  17. S

    Sundance Ignite "What's Next?" Film Challenge *Only a few days left!*

    Sundance Institute and Adobe’s Project 1324 have teamed up for a short film challenge to find the next generation’s boldest new voices. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker between the ages of 18 and 24, show us: “What’s Next?” Fifteen eligible winners will become Sundance Ignite Fellows, receiving...
  18. K

    Short film Silent Comedy

    I recently uploaded a short film on youtube. I would love feedback. It's my first film in 7 years. I wanted to do a silent film and do something simple. Let me know what you think. I wrote and directed it and also half edited it. Thanks, Karen
  19. B

    Nonentity (2016) Psychology Drama Short movie

    Hello We would love to show u our new short movie. We hope that u'll enjoy it. Tell us what u think about it :cool: Greetings;)
  20. T

    Knock Knock Knock - Urban Legend Short Film

    Hi, this one is part of a little series of short films that I made (and are still making) with a good friend about Urban Legends. Knock Knock Knock is based on the following story: