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    Final Deadline for entry to the 2021 Edinburgh Short Film Festival: June 21st!

    Featuring the best short films of 2021 at international film festivals Our 10th anniversary edition in November with extra screenings, awards and new International Showcases screening in November 2021! We're also awarding prizes for Best Film, Best Animation and Best Scottish Short AND...
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    Animated short

    I made this short and I would love suggestions on how to improve it? Are there any competitions for newbies on the East Coast it might be good for?
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    Call for Entries: Global Dialogues 2nd Quarter 2015 Online Youth Video Challenge

    The Global Dialogues 2015 2nd Quarter online youth video challenge is now open for your entries! You have until the end of Sunday, 31 May, 2015 to submit your video to the challenge. This quarter’s video title: "Transforming the Present" The premise: A young man is hit hard in the face by...